Our consultants work with Universities and Colleges in our areas of strength and experience. Recent examples of our work with Universities and Colleges are:

Leading and managing strategic and operational change
Recent Example Outcome
6 month project. Support the development of a new strategy, structure and operations for the improved performance in Knowledge Exchange across an HEI. Improved income recorded by HEBCI and resultant ranking. Significant new business in development.
Teaching and learning
Recent Example Outcome
3 yr project. Improve NSS performance across a University. Average of 20% increase across courses’ NSS overall scores
6 month project. Improve DLHE across 4 programmes at a University. Improved systems, awareness and performance among staff across the programmes. Student employability pathway across each programme produced. (awaiting results from DLHE)
1 year project. Student engagement programme delivered face to face and through a new online learning programme for HEI staff. Improved staff feedback and engagement. Online course opened across the institution?
Academic and professional staff performance and development
Recent Example Outcome
2 year project. The introduction of academic staff management through objectives across a University . Improved NSS and student feedback
Research and knowledge exchange
Recent Example Outcome
3 month project. Research benchmarking and target setting First benchmarked framework for Research targets adopted by the University
6 month project. Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange strategy developed and implemented for University’s new Enterprise and Business Development Office Strategy produced and resulted in significant growth and performance in HEBCIS
3 month project. Review consultancy at a London HEI and shape new policy and processes to improve delivery and performance Changes to policy implemented to encourage more participation. Community of practice established, consultancy performance increased.
3 month project. Analyse, review and refocus a University’s regional strategy including EU, LEP and RGF funding First assessment of cost v return made resulting in changed understanding and establishment of explicit criteria being introduced to be fulfilled before regional activities undertaken
Business development
Recent Example Outcome
1 month project. Production of a detailed business plan to commercialise and sustain the outcomes of £6m EU project Plan accepted by 34 partner institutions and implemented
3 month project. Identification of a University’s digital assets and their potential for commercialisation Kick started the development of significant, global commercialisation of library assets and partnerships
6 month project. Identify and map regional companies and organisations in a specific sector for an HEI, identify the companies’ KE and CPD needs and introduce them to the University More than 6000 companies mapped, 50 introductions made to the University (large, medium and small enterprises).

• Formal staff development sessions
• Online learning packages
• Individual mentoring and coaching
• Consultancy
• Professional expertise
• Enquire
• Disclaimer
• Address
• Business planning
• Market research
• Benchmarked target setting for enterprise or research
• Development and production of strategy and operational plans
• Bid writing
• Business development including sale sales and opportunity generation
• IP and contracts management
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