All of our programmes and services are delivered by experts who have worked successfully at senior level in HE and in many cases who also have considerable commercial experience. All members of our team are carefully selected for their experience, specialist knowledge and skills, for a practical approach and critically, an awareness of the sensitivities and complexities involved in working in a University environment.


From the very beginning we discuss each course or programme with you so that it fits your needs. Our face to face courses and programmes can be delivered on or off-campus and can range from short 1-2 hour or half and whole day sessions to long programmes that take place over the course of an academic term or year.

And recognising how difficult it can be to get University teams together because of workloads, teaching timetables, fractional contracts, and meetings schedules, we developed our on-line and distance programmes supported by expert tutors to provide you with maximum flexibility.


At the heart of our success is our practical approach, first-hand experiences of our team, and our willingness to roll up our sleeves and work with you on the issues and opportunities that face you.

We are confident that the services we provide make a real difference; so much so that in appropriate cases we have linked our fees with the outcomes of our work.

• Formal staff development sessions
• Online learning packages
• Individual mentoring and coaching
• Consultancy
• Professional expertise
• Enquire
• Disclaimer
• Address
• Business planning
• Market research
• Benchmarked target setting for enterprise or research
• Development and production of strategy and operational plans
• Bid writing
• Business development including sale sales and opportunity generation
• IP and contracts management
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