Masterclasses and short courses

At the heart of our range of staff development programmes for Higher Education is a series of participative and challenging Masterclass workshops and a range of short, professional courses to develop skills and understanding in areas fundamental to the success of HE. The Masterclasses are available to single institutions and are each sharply focused on a key area in the development, management or leadership of HE. All our short courses and workshops have been designed with a practical ‘how to do it’ approach and are delivered by specialists who have significant HE experience at senior level.

Universities have undertaken Masterclasses to:

  • develop fresh approaches to help them tackle tough problems
  • hone and extend the specific knowledge and practical skills of staff in relation to key issues
  • explore the issues and implications involved in successfully working in areas they have little experience of
  • refresh and revitalise the outlook of key staff and to connect and catalyse the sharing of experience across the university

Our Masterclasses are available as half-day, whole day, or in a few cases, two day sessions and each is full of practical tips, hints and opportunities to practise skills and share experience. The workshops, which have been delivered to single faculty teams and to wider cross-university groups, are designed to accommodate up to 30 participants.

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