National Student Survey (NSS)

Producing a good performance in the National Student Survey, which is an indication of the high quality experience provided for students, is a priority for many Universities, especially as the Teaching Excellence Framework ( TEF) is rolled out. Over the last four years Bibby Rumbelow have developed a simple system for supporting courses to improve NSS results substantially and quickly in time for the next survey.

We begin with a detailed analysis of the data – to sort out where priorities lie, followed by consultations with academic teams to identify clearly and precisely what needs to be done, what the targets are to be, and how we were going to work together to achieve them.

We also include working with associate lecturers who are not often involved in Faculties’ development sessions but who frequently share a significant part of the teaching load and therefore risk.

Our team then works alongside academic and professional service teams and staff to ensure that teaching, learning and student experience targets are met.

We are confident enough in what we do to link our fees with the outcomes.

Recent examples include Outcomes
We have worked in one institution for three consecutive years on NSS support. In this time the University’s overall standing on NSS has risen, and in 2015 courses supported by Bibby Rumbelow improved their overall performance by an average of 22%. We now lead the central University response to all course targeted NSS improvement activity. Improved overall performance by +22%

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