As students pay more for degrees their expectations increase and they will actively seek an experience which represents good value for money. Excellent service delivery from all staff – administrators, support staff and academics – is likely to have an important influence on their choices.

HEIs have found it difficult to identify where and how to make sustained changes to service delivery. In response to this, Bibby Rumbelow offer an innovative programme designed actively to drive change in service delivery in universities and improve customer service.

What it is
works with your identified problems and helps your teams sort them out
explicitly prepares your teams to develop what they learn with us to address new problems in the future
is delivered alongside work recognising the need to maintain continuity in service levels
learning is derived from real work challenges and is explicitly relevant to your own workplace
programme is negotiated with you and customised for your work environment
supports managers and teams to learn, develop and drive changes through an initial intensive week
provides teams with ongoing support throughout the programme
leaves you with resources and knowledge so that you are ready to repeat delivery with other teams in your institution
is designed to improve team relationships and integrates support for managers and frontline team members alike
is delivered by specialists who have the experience and sensitivity of working in an HE environment
is an ideal programme to partner and prepare for substantial change

Differs from other programmes in that:
there is minimal loss of time off the job
it is specific to your working environment
we come to you and work with you
it develops managers and frontline teams together
it leaves you ready to replicate the programme with other teams
we review and evaluate your progress with you at three months

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