As the political and economic and context changes, more pressure is placed on Universities to respond to different climates and policy drivers, in order to improve efficiencies and generate income. To do this successfully each university depends more than ever before on the performance and capability of its staff.

Universities are not only reliant on staff at all levels who have the capability to lead and manage staff, but also on staff who perform their own jobs well and are able to innovate and introduce improvements in what they do no matter how small. Our view is that good staff performance happens as a result of a combination of several things including an effective manager, staff who are empowered to shape and plan their own work, a clear planning and objective setting process, the quality of resources and operations, regular updates and discussions between line managers and reports, the recognition of good performance and crucially the management of poor performance.

We have worked with Universities to improve staff performance across Faculties and Departments using the three programmes below as well as having supported individual staff members through coaching and mentoring.

Managing Through Objectives (MTO).
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MTO is a targeted development programme that assists teams and their managers to set and manage objectives within a clear and agreed framework that is driven by Department or Faculty strategic priorities. The programme, which is ideally suited for academics and professional services, is a blend of face to face and in-work support and coaching.
Developing Management Capabilities.
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A short series of training sessions and coached support helping participants to understand what it is and how it feels to be a manager, how to organise their team and balance resources, make things happen and monitor and improve performance.
Appraisal, Professional Development
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A powerful tool when properly used, our short programme works with staff to get the full potential out of appraisal and professional development reviews for both reviewer and reviewee. We use an approach that explicitly links strategy, job roles and objectives with performance to clearly identify development needs and opportunities.

• Formal staff development sessions
• Online learning packages
• Individual mentoring and coaching
• Consultancy
• Professional expertise
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• Business planning
• Market research
• Benchmarked target setting for enterprise or research
• Development and production of strategy and operational plans
• Bid writing
• Business development including sale sales and opportunity generation
• IP and contracts management
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